Monday, June 18, 2001

I returned from visiting Randy at Trinity University in San Antonio today. He was in town grading the international English exams so I had to visit because last time we saw one another was at Mardi Gras in New Orleans when I stumbled into him after having been druken for over 24 hours. Though at the time, I couldn't remember the last time I saw him or think of the next time I would see him it ended in a quick blow off while I had to return to the search for a friend lost somewhere in the festivities. None the less, Randy remained unphased and as only a longtime friend can be.

Not in my best interest to travel alone, I asked Alex to join me. He accepted this proposition even though he had known me only two weeks - and I have to say the trip went well. It accomplished getting the image of Randy dressed in a green wizard costume out of my mind and solified the accomplishments of my life. Alex was given an interesting look into my life as Randy and I recounted several stories that made my younger non-New Orleansian friend raise his eyebrows. Dinner the night after getting into town we had dinner at Liberty Bar where Randy gave Alex our tale: We used to talk for about 2 years on the net when he was coming to New Orleans to do some research on a book he's writing - we set a time and place to meet. I show up at least 20 minutes late because my boyfriend and I were ....tied up. Actually, he was tied up and I was busy..if you can follow me.

Couldn't have scared Alex off too badly as he's just called to invite me over to drink with some friends. I'll wrap this up for now...and tell you more when I get in.